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August 6, 2020by NHSOF MD

In 2016, voting was carried out to support or object a constitution amendment intending to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. Majority of voters surely did say yes to the amendment. However, Gov. Rick Scott curbed some forms of cannabis that were found once he got to sign into law in the year 2017. Smokable pot was prohibited in the state while topicals, tinctures, vapes as well as capsules were allowed. Apparently, Floridians have eventually gotten their way as Gov. Ron DeSantis did them good by signing legislation that disregards his predecessor’s ban and hence legalizing the smoking of medical marijuana in the state. This particular bill got to be co-sponsored by both Democrat Linda Stewart as well as Republican State Sen. Jeff Brades. It permits all individuals above 18 years of age to consume about 2.5 ounces of the marijuana smoke products per every 35 days. For those below 18 years, they are free to smoke medical marijuana only at a condition where they are diagnosed with certain kinds of terminal sicknesses. patients are required to sign a consent form beforehand to admit their knowledge of the health risks of smoking. Despite the fact that medical marijuana has been legalized, it is not applicable to all patients and its prescription issued by marijuana doctors Orlando¬†should be carried out when really necessary. Clearly there are quite a number of changes facing the Florida marijuana law bill if we would call it so. Lawmakers have however been scrambling in the attempt to keep up the pace with the changes in this niche. Officials that participate in this bill are still attempting to acquire a handle on both the hemp and cannabis industries in Florida as legalization proponents lay the groundwork for recreational marijuana consumption. In addition, lawmakers proceed on the grapple with their approach tending towards regulation of smoking hemp publicly now that it is legal. Also licensing medical marijuana facilities is another factor the lawmakers are looking forward to. Besides there exist laws that state legislators have been working most recently.

  1. Relaxing minimum sentences for crimes involving marijuana

This particular bill is in article HB 339 and well known as the House bill. It is designated to permit judges to stray from the minimum sentencing rules circulating offences that involve trafficking as well as the sale of cannabis. However this does not mean that the judges get to disregard this rules, the point is that they are given more agency to ascertain definite sentences basing on case-by-case. On the other hand, this bill looks to changing the grams range of cannabis in quite a number of trafficking charges, more often increasing thresholds for every raised charge. As we all know politics never lacks its way through law making and Florida politics happens not to be an exception says a group of marijuana doctors Tampa. They state that the bill is intended to empower judges when it comes to decision making process in the course of sentencing. Therefore, approval of this bill might as be an epitome of change on the tough aspect of crime approach that has been in existence in the recent past years. It is important to note the other two benefits conferred by shorter sentences to minor drug offences that include helping to keep families together as well as saving the state some money that would have otherwise been used to finance the upkeep of prisoners.

  1. Restating companies that are to sell as well as grow cannabis

This particular bill is in article HB149 149. It not only rules out how licenses to dispensaries and growers of cannabis ought to be issued by the Florida Department of Health but also tend to define treatment centers for medical marijuana. In addition the bill sees to it that the current limit of applicants’ number is raised from 25 facilities per grant of license. Notably, one of the bill’s sponsor, Republican state Rep. Anthony Sabatini claimed in a tweet that high charges to obtain Florida medical marijuana licenses is improper. The sponsor also uphold marijuana legalization as per Daily Commercial. This evidently separates him from his fellow Republican colleagues.

  1. Penalties for crimes involving marijuana

The article HB 25 states that criminal penalties on possessors of THC products as well as cannabis are minimized. In addition, juveniles have been made eligible for the purpose of civil citations or rather assigning diversion programs for such crimes. Supporters of the bill are in hope that it will minimize the quantity of minorities imprisoned due to charges of possession of marijuana. This is due to the fact that the bill intends to decriminalize possession amounting to 20 grams. Little fines as well as shorter sentences are to be faced by anyone arrested with charges of possession of marijuana says another group of marijuana doctors Sarasota. Besides, HB 25 looks forward to making possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana a non criminal violation rather than a misdemeanor as per ABC Action News WFTS Tampa Bay. Rep. Shevrin Jones, one of the filers of the bill recently stated in a tweet that making our communities equitable and safer begins with ensuring that people have a fair shot. Floridians need reform of cannabis laws, and we will make sure we end the injustice of over decriminalization.

  1. Permitting additional enterprises to sell edibles as well medical marijuana

This bill is in the article SB 212 and intends to revise marijuana delivery devices, THC cannabis products as well as definition of edibles. More often than not, definitions have entirely been expanded in that it accommodates medical marijuana treatment centers, medical retail facilities, as authentic areas to acquire those particular products. In addition, the bill opts to legalize caregivers as well as qualified physicians to have selfish economic interest in a medical marijuana retail center. Notably, SB 212 have the most influence on retail facilities of medical marijuana by permitting them to sell marijuana, edibles as well as marijuana delivery devices as a subject of a set of reformed requirements says marijuana doctors Kissimmee. Thus,if the bill makes it to becoming a law, the state will be free to commence the issuing of licences to retail facilities engaging in in cannabis n August 2020. Facilities that have been approved would be required to work with a single center of treatment to acquire as well as sell their products. It is clear that the facilities are to be prohibited from producing the products.

  1. No marijuana smoking in state parks (SB 670)

It has prohibited public smoking of marijuana in the recent past including both parks and beaches in Florida. Due to this, one lawmaker dreams of creating expanded versions of that particular law statewide. This bill was introduced by Republican state Sen. Joe Gruters intends to ban smoking as well as vaping of all kinds in state parks. According to a source, Gruters did try but did not succeed in the introduction of a similar bill at the begin of this year that stated: SB 218 would have required violators to forcefully pay a fine amounting to $25 or else commit to a time of ten hours of working at community service. However, if SB 670 was to become a law, then it would be implemented next summer. If you or someone you know could use the medical values of cannabis issued by a licensed medical marijuana doctors in your area.